There are many reasons to remove a tree from your property entirely, but the main reason is if it poses as a safety risk. 

What makes a tree unsafe? 

  • It has been planted in the wrong spot to begin with and has outgrown its location. 

  • It poses a risk to your property due to falling branches, uprooted paving or you have pipes that are being affected.

  • The tree is completely dead or disease has caused the tree to decay and rot, causing it to be a structural hazard. 


It is important that tree removal be undertaken by professionals. That’s why it is better left to the trusted qualified professionals at the Tree Trimmers. We use the latest equipment and methods to guarantee that trees are removed in a controlled, safe way. We can ensure that we minimise the risk to your home, vehicles, and anything else in close proximity to the tree. 

The Tree Trimmers have extensive experience in both residential and commercial work and can see the job through to completion no matter the size of the tree or the difficulty of the job. 

Our company can conduct a risk assessment of your tree and let you know what needs to be done to make the area safe.