Some of the benefits of using mulch: 

  • Mulch can help to eliminate the weeds that grow in the open spaces of the garden. The mulch acts as barrier from the sunlight to the soil underneath which deprives the weeds of light and suppresses their growth. 

  • Mulch is a good retainer of water, benefiting plants by keeping the soil cool and moist. Retaining moisture, especially during the hotter months can keep your plants hydrated and healthy. Aiding plant growth and reducing the need to water. 

  • Prevents soil erosion by creating a barrier between heavy rainfall and soil underneath. Also as it retains water during the hotter months it lessens the chance of the soil surface drying out and cracking.

  • Contributes to the overall health of your soil. If your soil fertility is poor placing organic mulch on your garden can make a big difference. As the mulch decomposes the nutrients go back into the soil. 

Have you got branches lying around the backyard that you wouldn't mind having chipped and turned into mulch for your garden? 

Or maybe there’s a tree you have been thinking about removing that can be chipped up and dispersed on your garden beds? 

Then give us a call at the Tree Trimmers. We would be happy to assist with all your mulching needs.